Reality Check on Two QB’s, NLF WK6 2011 Style

Hello Peeps,

Let’s have a reality check on two QB’s Tim Tebow of Denver and Mark Sanchez of New York J E T S Jets Jets Jets.

First let’s get to God’s QB Tim Tebow:

Be thankful it is a bye week. You are going to be playing some very good defensive teams in the upcoming weeks. Do not let this kid get himself killed playing a spread offense versus the teams that are upcoming. Keep him max protected and see if he can lead a football team and see if he can throw a football with some consistency. Putting in a college offense is not the answer, do not ruin this kid because your fans have lost their collective minds.

The best quote that I saw today came from the Denver Coach Fox which was:

“We’re 1-4. We’ve got to move on. We can’t be S.O.S., and we’re going to do whatever it takes to get out of that. So, whether this works or not, time will tell.”

Sometimes the truth hurts, here is a link to the full transcript.

Now lets get to some reality concerning Mark Sanchez of the Jets:

I keep reading and watching all kinds of crap against this kid. He is a young QB and that is it. Mark Sanchez is going to be a good QB and that is all. He is not Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, or Aaron Rodgers. He is not going to be an “All World” QB and the moment you wake up to that reality the better off you are going to be as Jet’s fans. He is a good QB and learn to be happy with that, many teams in this league do not have a good QB.

The Jet’s offense does not require more than a good QB. Your offense was supposed to be about running the football down the throat of your opponent. Then passing enough so you can run the ball even more down the throat of your opponent. What part of this equation did you lose during the lockout FFS. This is what you are, know what you are and be one with your bad self.

You are not a spread offense, you are not about throwing the football 400+ yards a game. Your QB is not the reason why you are losing, you are losing because you have decided to be a team you simply are not and that Jet’s fans need to change and needs to change very quickly. Because let me give you all a big hint, the best team in the AFC East is not the Patriots, it is the Bills and you better start to adapt to that new reality.