AL East / Boston RedSox Preview 2017

Greetings RedSox Peeps,

We have a new year of RedSox baseball upon us.

The AL East is in transition this year.

The best teams seem to be the RedSox, Blue Jays, and Yankees.

Personally, I like the Yankees this year to possibly win the AL East. I see the RedSox and the Blue Jays close all season long. All three teams will have roughly the same win / loss record, so either of the three teams could win the division.

The Yankees have a solid defensive team and they have the three best pitchers in the AL East. If the three top pitchers for the Yankees do not choke, the Yankees will be a very tough team to beat. The problem with the Yankees is if their pitching staff falls apart, then they will finish dead and last in the division. The Yankee team that is built for this year, will not be a scoring machine. They will look more like a National League team rather than an American League team, so do not be shocked when you see it.

Boston RedSox:

The RedSox has the best on the field team in the Al East. I believe they are superior on offense and defense overall than any time in the American League. The only issue I have with the on the field team is at first base.

I do not like Mitch Moreland for that position. I believe that the first baseman should be the big bat and simply Mitch Moreland is not that player. He is a career .240 hitter and 65 RBI’s, which should make him a backup player. First base should be played by Hanley Ramirez, he did fine last year and he is a perfectly good big bat. The RedSox should have gone out and grabbed a DH, plenty of them had been available in the off season.

The weakest link for the RedSox is pitching.

You cannot count on Pomeranz or Price this season. These are disabled list players, throughout the season. Simply, both players are a waste of money and time. That leaves the RedSox with Sales, Porcello, and Wright to carry the team. Simply, I do not believe they are capable of that kind of effort. I like all three pitchers but, they are going to be burned out because the RedSox simply do not have quality backup pitchers and they do not have a solid bullpen.

The RedSox will have to beat teams 6 to 5 each and every night. They have the slugging and the timely batting, especially if Sandoval can be the player that the RedSox paid for. It is just very hard to win enough ball games by that method.

This will be an up and down season RedSox Peeps.



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