The Boston Celtics Are Out Of The Playoffs

Hello NBA / Celtics Peeps,

I have heard a good amount of whining from Celtics fans, forget about sports radio in Boston. The bottom line is, the Boston Celtics are a top 4 or 5 basketball team. The fact that the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Celtics down in five games, tells a simple truth. The Boston Celtics are not good enough right now to beat the best of the best. That is not a condemnation, simply a truth.

The team as a whole failed. That goes along with poor coaching, that has to improve in the playoffs. Everyone has this extreme focus that the players are not good enough and people forget that the coaching is a major problem as well. Brad Stevens equally is a failure and maybe even more in the defeat at the hands of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The simple excuse is that the Celtics do not have the players. That is a bullshit answer, because the Celtics are better than 26 other NBA teams this year. I know that Golden State Warriors & Cleveland Cavaliers are elite teams but they are beatable. You need great play effort by the players and outstanding coaching, the Boston Celtics had neither in the Cleveland Cavalier series.

Let’s be honest, Kevin Love went hog wild on the Celtics, and that is a coaching problem. Then in some of the games Tristan Thompson, dominated the floor, for my life I do not even know how an average players like him could light up a top team. These two players never should have had great nights, at all. That is all coaching and Brad Stevens has to do a better job with the talent that he has.

The good thing is that the Boston Celtics has the #1 overall pick and should be able to draft a good player or get a star player. Another top player is a need, I would like to see a real center brought to the team but that is unlikely, because it does not fit into the style of play that Brad Stevens is coaching. The other need is a fast, tall, off guard player, that should be obtainable.

What Boston Celtics fans should be happy about, is that they will have a stud elite team next season.

Bask in the glory Celtics Fans, you will be an Elite Team next season.

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