Dysfunction & Jacksonville Jaguars Go Together – 2017 NFL Edition

I watch a lot of preseason football. Generally, I do not pay attention to local reporters, mainly because they are usually dumber than shit going uphill in a rain storm. Which brings me to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

I watched with my beady little eyes the Jacksonville Jaguars having a great game against the New England Patriots. Jacksonville as a team, looked awesome. I know it is the first game of the preseason but, Jacksonville as a team, looked and played well.

Now, I am watching this same Jacksonville Jaguars team play Tampa. The Jacksonville team looks totally and utterly different. Then for some reason, I am listening to the local Jacksonville team announcers discussing the benching of Blake Bortles. I am watching this game and thinking, WTF, are these village idiot reporters from Jacksonville talking about.

So not to my surprise, the Jacksonville team, played like shit for the first half. The running backs barely got off the line of scrimmage, the wide outs could not catch clap at a whore house, and the QB was running for his life. Dysfunction found its way back into the Jacksonville Jaguars organization yet again.

As I am writing this, here is a headline from ESPN: Cutting Blake Bortles an option if Jaguars go with Chad Henne.

WTF is going on with management at Jacksonville Jaguars. This drama is unthinkable, at the start of a football season. Blake Bortles is not the problem as to why Jacksonville Jaguars struggle to win games. Management at the Jacksonville Jaguars is the real reason why the team does not win games.

This is pathetic and I am surprised that Tom Coughlin is allowing this kind of stupidity to exist within the Jacksonville Jaguars team office.

I am now going to deliver a truth bomb to the Jacksonville Jaguar Franchise. Blake Bortles or Chad Henne is the same damn QB. Neither one of them, on their own, is going to get you to a playoff game. If your wide outs cannot catch a friggin football, it does not matter who you have at QB. The other end of this, no one has asked who the best QB is in Jacksonville right now and to give the honest truth, that person would be Brandon Allen, who has had two solid games, this preseason.

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