AFC East Preview – 2017 Season

Hello NFL Peeps,

The AFC East is in for a down year this year.

Obviously, the New England Patriots will win the AFC East easily this year. This is literally the men, playing against children.

The J E T S Jets Jets Jets are not even an NFL caliber football team. They may not even be good enough to play against College football teams. I am not a Jets Hater either, it is a simple truth. The Jets are fighting for the #1 pick in next years draft and that folks will be the only thing they will win this year. I believe the Jets will not win a game this year.

The Buffalo Bills is a rebuilding team and will not be a factor this year. The shame is, they have aspects of a great team but that is about it. The Buffalo Bills organization in my mind looks rudderless. They may win 5 or 6 games this year.

The Miami Dolphins had hard luck this preseason. Ryan Tannehill went down with a season ending knee injury, that is going to kill this team for this year. The replacement QB is Jay Cutler, who will never survive a full season. The backup QB’s behind Jay Cutler are not NFL quality players, which is the main problem for the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins Offense is stacked this year and this is why they will win games. Miami Dolphins Defense is sub par, they looked horrible this preseason. Overall, this will not be an awful year for Miami, they should win 9 games this year, mainly because they are in the AFC East. If Ryan Tannehill was healthy, this would have been a 11 or 12 win team.

The New England Patriots are stacked and loaded this year. This is an undefeated team, it is shocking that I would say this but the Patriots have an easy schedule this year and really have no competition until the playoffs.

Enjoy the 2017 Football Season folks.

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