No Undefeated Season For Patriots Nation

Holy Shit Batman,

The Kansas City Chiefs kicked the crap right out of the New England Patriots last night. Kansas City came to play a football game and New England came to see a banner get raised. 

First thing, the game plan for this game sucked. It was a similar game plan that the Patriots used in the Super Bowl. It sucked then, It still sucks now. The offence is still scripting players to set plays and formations. This was done in the Superbowl and Atlanta kicked the shit right out of them for 3 quarters and Kansas City did the same damn thing. When Mike Gillislee comes into the game, you know they are running the ball. When James White is in the game, you know it is going to be a passing play, James White only runs from an audible at the line of scrimmage.

Second thing, Chris Hogan went missing in the game. To be honest I cannot figure out whether this was a game plan decision or the player. Either way, this has to change, you have to get this player in the game.

Third thing, Gronkowski and Brady sucked in this game. Gronkowski needs less commercials and less distractions and more effort on the field. Gronkowski did not have it in this game and he needs to pull his head out of his ass and catch a damn football. Brady struggled to complete passes. To make it worse, he had open players down the field but found a way to either overthrow each and every one of them or focus on his favorite binkies who was covered like a blanket.

The final item, the Defense SUCKED, utterly and completely. I have no clue exactly what to write here, the suckage was extreme, I do not have the words to describe it. Whatever the Patriots did in the preseason, I would scrap it because this is not working.

No undefeated season this year Patriots Fans.


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