NFL 2017 Season Week 1

Hello Football Peeps,

All of your Preseason power ranking you can effectively burn because what everyone thought they knew, they suddenly do not.

Let’s cover the Highlights:

Kansas City Chiefs had a great game and destroyed the New England Patriots

Cleveland Browns had a great game in a losing effort.

Chicago Bears had an awesome game in a losing effort. I am telling you, this team is going to get better throughout the season.

LA Rams destroyed the Colts. It is hard to tell if the Colts suck this much, or the LA Rams have their shit together.

Baltimore Ravens, who did not have a great preseason, had a solid day. This team may be better than I thought.

I loved the effort from the Detroit Lions, beating Arizona. That was a good solid win for that team.

Jacksonville may be better than what I thought but you also have to wonder how bad is the Houston Texans. Week 2 will tell you more about Jacksonville.

You have to love the power that the Raiders showed today. This team is the real deal and should be the top ranked team in the AFC.

I was down on the Eagles this year, which from what I saw today, most likely is wrong. They had a solid game, I would not say great versus the Redskins. The Eagles may be the beast of the NFC East.

Minnesota Vikings looked like dogshit this preseason but they put a whopping on the New Orleans Saints. If they continue with the same production going forward, they may be the best team in the NFL.

The one thing you should take from Week One is that right now the AFC West is by and far the best division in the NFL.

Now the Low Lights:

The Houston Texans look really bad. I have no clue how they are going to win a game the rest of this year.

The NY J E T S, Jets Jets Jets, are onward to the #1 pick in 2018, that is all.

The Bengals are in a world of hurt. This team on offense has no clue what it is doing. Ugly Game.

The Colts are in deep shit this year. I have no clue what this team is going to do going forward.

The Arizona Cardinals, Washington Redskins, and Carolina Panthers simply did not show me anything. I know that Carolina Panthers won today but if you watched the game, did they beat the 49ers or did the 49ers beat the 49ers. These teams are better than how they played, if they are not, then they are just middle of the road teams heading to a 7 – 9 or 8 – 8 record.

The New York Football Giants, needed to spend more money on offensive linemen, than on wide outs. Eli Manning spent more time running for his life, than he did throwing a football. Not a good look for the G Men.

It is safe to say that the Saints are not going to have a great year. Very Rough Game.


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