NFL 2017 Week 3 Review

Holy Shit Batman, Week 3 has been wild.

Lets get to the Highlights:

The Thursday night game, you have to admit was a hell of a game. It is evident that you can trust the Rams Offense, I am damn sure you can trust the Rams Defense. The surprise is the 49ers Offense, for three quarters they did next to nothing. It will be something to watch in the upcoming weeks, to see if the 49ers Offense can come together.

The Jacksonville Jaguars destroyed the football world in London. They CRUSHED the Baltimore Ravens. WTG Team Jaguars you managed to utterly and completely destroy everyone on Draft Kings and Fan Duel.

I have no clue what is happening in the land of the J E T S, Jets Jets Jets. They won a game, they are fighting the march to the #1 pick in 2018. All fun aside, Jets Defense had a great game.

Houston Texans Offense needs a huge shoutout. You lost the game because your Head Coach is a F*(king moron but great effort. Deshaun Watson deserves a ton of props for that game play.

The Chicago Bears beat the Pittsburgh Steelers, which is a huge win for the franchise. The Bears is going to be a solid team this year. Something, I have said since the preseason. The Offense is not the best, but they are making enough plays. Great Game For Bears Fans.

The Colts got a solid win on the legs and arms of Jacoby Brissett. Cleveland is not a bad team as people make them out to be. You have to wonder now, how quick will Andrew Luck look to come back now that a real QB has shown up in the land of the Colts.

The Buffalo Bills may just be the Beast in the AFC East this year. Beating the Denver Broncos is a big deal and that was a great win. The Patriots are vulnerable this year and the Bills may just be that team to knock them off the pedestal.

The New Orleans Saints showed signs of life and beat a hapless Carolina Panther team.

The Philadelphia Eagles again proved that they are the Beasts in the NFC East. This was not the Eagles best game but it was great to see the team come back from the NY Giants massive 4th Quarter surge to win the game.

The Atlanta / Detroit game was a hell of a game. Obviously you cannot leave any time left for Detroit. The NFL needs to look at some rule changes because that game should not have ended in that way. Great Game, Bad NFL.

Tennessee Titans had a great game against a solid defense. This was a big win for the Titans.

Kansas City Chiefs fell asleep through a large portion of this game. Still, this is a big win, any win against an AFC West team is a big win.

The Green Bay Packers got lucky today, they played the Bengals.

The Washington Redskins put a whopping on the Oakland Raider on Sunday Night Football. Best Defensive game I have seen the Redskins play in years. Great Game Team Redskins.

Time for the Low Lights:

We have not assigned a Douche Bag Award yet this season but we have three winning candidates this week.

  1. The Baltimore Ravens, went to London, enjoyed the night life and failed to show up to the game.
  2. The Carolina Panthers had a perfectly good home game versus a beatable opponent and the stars of the game was a no show.
  3. The Miami Dolphins went all the way to New York City, to sleep walk through a football game. The entire team should be fired and banned for the rest of the year. Dolphins should have won that game by 20 points and not lost it by 20 points.  

The New England Patriots was lucky that a rookie QB did not make them a 1 – 2 team. The Patriots Defense is the worst, I have seen in more than a decade. The Defensive Coordinator should be fired, because if this continues, the Patriots are going to get destroyed when they play the tougher opponents coming up.

The Pittsburgh Steelers was far too lackadaisical towards the Chicago Bears. It was a poor effort, on the entire team.

WTF happened with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. If it was not for the Ravens and Panthers, you easily would have won the Douche Bag Award for the week. You played a beatable team and let them off the hook. You are not that good, to sleep on any opponent. Wake UP, your franchise has won nothing in its existence, you sleep on no team. 

The Cincinnati Bengals had a win in their hand and tossed it away like it was nothing. You need to fire everyone, this team is against winning.

The Chargers and the Seattle Seahawks are in the same place. Solid teams that find a way to lose.

I think the Oakland Raiders fell asleep through the majority of that game. The Offense was truly offensive, it was a pathetic effort all around. I do believe this to be an aberration.

Arizona Cardinals simply do not have it, this year. This was a winnable game, that they found a way to lose. The Dallas Cowboys won a game they should have lost. I think the Cowboys have problems going further into the season. Dallas did not run for more than 100 yards and did not pass for 300 yards, that has to change.



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