NFL 2017 Week 4 Results

Hello Football Peeps,

This week has given me some solid opinions on how the teams will play going forward.

If your team is not listed on either the Highlights or Low Lights, it is because they did not deserve to be their.

Onward to the Highlights:

Denver Broncos won a huge game over Oakland. To hold Oakland’s Offense to only 10 points is a big deal. I know Oakland had a couple of injuries but still this is a great win.

The Philadelphia Eagles had a solid win over the LA Chargers. The Eagles had issues during the game but a win over any AFC West team is a big deal.

The J E T S Jets, Jets, Jets,  is fighting against the first pick in 2018, with a really good win over the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jets Offense is horrible but the Defense is coming together. I see a ray of sunshine.

The Houston Texans put a beat down of beat downs on the Tennessee Titans. Looks like Deshaun Watson was the right pick for QB. The Texans are moving up the power chart folks.

The LA Rams are shocking the NFL. It is unthinkable that this team is 3 – 1 and putting 35 points on Dallas is a big deal. The LA Rams are moving up as well on the power chart.

The Cincinnati Bengals realized that they are playing real games. The Bengals put a beating on Cleveland. Good game for the Bengals all around.

The Pittsburgh Steelers had an easy day versus a defeated team. I have no clue what is wrong with Baltimore but they sucked for the second week in a row. Great Job for the Steelers, 3 – 1 is excellent place to be this early in the season.

The New Orleans Saints had a solid win for the second week in a row. Nice job.

Simply the Green Bay Packers was too much for the young Chicago Bears team. Green Bay is beat up and really needed this win.

The Seattle Seahawks finally woke up in the 2nd half versus the Indy Colts. It is a solid win and the first time the Seahawks finally fought to get a win. The Colts was two quarters away from a really big win.

The AFC West is still beating down the NFC East this year. It is a solid win for the Kansas City Chiefs but the Washington Redskins had a great game. I was very surprised at how well the Redskins played. Great Job both teams.

Now for the Low Lights:

We do have a solid winner of the Douche Bag Award for Week 4 and it is the Miami Dolphins. They could not have sucked any harder today. You would think after you sucked the week before, maybe you would have a bit more effort. I was wrong, this is a bad team, with bad players, who are done for 2017.

The New England Patriots are moving way down the power rankings. When you score 30 points and lose, you know your Defense is in deep trouble.

I did not like the Tennessee Titans this preseason. So, I am not surprised how bad the Titans have been in the regular season

I still like the Cleveland Browns but they have to toughen up. It is a young team but the team has to play better, because they are better than the team that played this Sunday. Very Bad Game.

The Baltimore Ravens should be ashamed of themselves. Two horrible games in a row.

The Atlanta Falcons need to play a full game. You went to the Super Bowl last year, last year is over. Teams are not going to roll over and die, just because you came to play. This team is soft like my big fat belly. This team is closer to a jelly fish than they are falcons.

The Chicago Bears is a solid team, that simply did not show up for a full game. This is a young team, that can play better.







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