NFL 2017 Week 5 Results

Hello Football Peeps,

This was an interesting week in football. Some really big injuries and some really good and surprising games.

If your team is not listed on either the Highlights or Low Lights, it is because they did not deserve to be their.

Onward to the Highlights:

Cincinnati played a good game against a good opponent. It is a positive sign for a Bengal team who has sucked for the most part this year.

The J E T S, Jets, Jets, Jets had the audacity to win another football game. Team Green is fighting against the first round pick of 2018. Jets had a good win and it was a win they should have gotten. Keep fighting, Team Green.

The Indy Colts are out of control with Jacoby Brissett. It is a good win versus the 49ers. Keep playing tough Colts. Good Game.

The Carolina Panthers are moving way up the power chart this week. Beating the Detroit Lions, is a really big deal. Holding Detroit to only 24 points is a fantastic job by the Carolina Defense. The Panthers may be an elite team.

What the hell is going on in Miami, they won a ball game. Great job, Team Dolphins.

The LA Chargers found a way to win a ball game. This is a good win for the Chargers, I know the Giants are 0 – 5 but this is still a good win.

The Beast of the NFC East, Philadelphia Eagles beat down the Arizona Cardinals. The Eagles are going to walk away with the NFC East this year. Move this team way up in your power rankings.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are killing the AFC North this year. They destroyed the Pittsburgh Steelers. This is a great win for a franchise that has struggled. Right now, the Jaguars are the Kings of the AFC South.

The Seattle Seahawks and LA Rams was a hell of a game. The Seahawks won the game but the LA Rams fought that solid team all game long. It is a good win for the Seahawks but it is a good loss for the LA Rams, who should have won that game.

What on the Gods Green Earth has happened in Baltimore. This team was ready to bury themselves as dead and all of a sudden they woke up against the Raiders. This is a HUGE win for Baltimore, who really needed to lay the wood on a team.  

Green Bay simply has the Cowboys number. Obviously both Defenses suck but Aaron Rodgers is simply unstoppable. This is a huge win for the Packers and an ugly loss for the Cowboys.

The Kansas City Chiefs / Houston Texans game was fantastic. Obviously, the Chiefs are the better team and played that way. What was awesome to see, is the young Offense of the Texans continue to fight in a losing effort. Right now, Kansas City is the highest on the power ranking but the Texans are still moving up as well.

Now for the Low Lights:

The Buffalo Bills had a disappointing game. Bills needed to win this game, losing should not have been an option.

The New York Football Giants are in very deep shit. They are 0 – 5 and Beckham has a bad injury. It is not looking to be a good year for the G men. You have to wonder how long it is going to take for that head coach to get fired.

You have to wonder exactly when will they fire the entire staff in Arizona. This team is dead on the field.

The Pittsburgh Steelers is a team that is imploding. Roethlisberger after the games, sounded like he does not even want to play anymore. It is UGLY, and the Steeler Fans are totally bull shit over the teams antics. Personally, some of the Pittsburgh Steeler Veterans need to show up this week and try to straighten this team out. It is Panic Time in Pittsburgh.


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