The RedSox Season Is Over

Hello RedSox Peeps,

The baseball season is now over for the Boston RedSox.

On an overall basis the Redsox made the playoffs and won the AL East like they were supposed to do. So it was a good season. Also the better team was the Houston Astros, they should have won the series and they did win the series.

Personally, I do not like this RedSox team and would love to see a number of changes.

We need a more competent manager. When you get tossed out on balls and strikes in a playoff game, shit has gone really, really wrong. Then of course you have the actual day to day managing problems. Mainly, Game One not starting Hanley Ramirez and Game Three not starting Rafael Devers. This is just a current example of the stupidity.

The pitching staff still sucks. This is again, another season, that you could not string together 3 top pitchers for a playoff run. I love Sales, but you have to pitch him less in the regular season, so he can be a stud in the playoffs.

The make up of the team is horrible. This is the most unlikeable team, I have seen in decades. I have watched less baseball this year, than I have in a decade. I easily watch 100+ games a year. This year, I probably only watched half of that.

I would also consider a new GM.

Onward to the 2018 season, and pray that a new team will show up.

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