My Intervention For NFL Owners

This is an intervention, for the NFL Owners and the League Office. Right now, the NFL is spiraling out of control and it seems that the NFL Owners & the League Office has no clue, exactly what is going on.

What astounds me, is how the players conned these village idiot billionaires into adopting the protests. I want you really rich and unenlightened Owners to pay attention and read.

This is now, what you village idiot NFL Owners are now backing:

  • You are now Anti-Law Enforcement

  • You are now Anti-US Government

  • You are now Anti-Establishment

  • You are now enabling ANTIFA

  • You are now enabling George Soros “Fear & Hate” campaign

  • You are now enabling Anti-Republican agenda

  • You are now enabling the Clinton “Fear & Hate” campaign

  • You are now enabling the Far Left Agenda

Right now, you are fighting for a side in the growing American Civil War. Why, on the Gods Green Earth, do you want to be in the middle of the Divide, Fear & Hate campaign that American Politics have become. 

Now, if you had a real NFL Commissioner, he or she would have sat you village idiots down and explained the politics too you. To make matters worse, you are allowing your media partners, to label you “The Owners” as racists.  Do you think, for a minute, or a second, that Pete Rozelle, would have allowed a media partner to label any Owner of anything negative.

You NFL Owners decided to back your players, who like Jemele Hill of ESPN, labeled one of your Owners as a racist, pretty much labeling your owner as a Slaver. That is what a percentage of your players believe and the far left liberal media believes, that your Owners are just Slavers making money off of Black Players. 

Over the past few weeks, have you looked at the number of Stadiums with empty seats, how are those sales going of NFL souvenirs right now, how many videos have you seen of your fans, giving away and burning your merchandise?

The NFL, Its Owners, and Players are standing against the United States, its people, and its common beliefs. I find it hard to believe that this is a place, you want your lucrative business to be.  

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