Big Patriots Win Over The Chargers

The New England Patriots got a HUGE win over the LA Chargers.

You have to put this win solely on the Defensive Unit. To hold the LA Chargers under 300 Yards Passing is a HUGE Deal. So far two solid weeks for the Defense, I am almost getting excited.

The Offensive game plan was simply awesome. It did not score much points but it did keep New England with the ball. The time of possession was 36:59 for New England and a pitiful 23:01 for the Chargers. Keeping the Chargers Offense on the sideline was the only way New England could win the ball game.

The coaching for the first time all year, did an AWESOME job. A complete day on both sides of the ball.

New England fans have no clue, how great of a win this was for the Patriots. Going into the Bye Week at 6-2 is much more than you could have hoped at the beginning of the year.


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