NFL 2017 Week 8 Results

Hello Football Peeps,

Week 8 was simply incredible. Poor Joe Flacco most likely still does not know his name, after that crushing hit in Miami. This week had Huge Hits, Huge Wins, and Huge Games.

Onward to the Highlights:

The Baltimore Ravens lit up the Miami Dolphins, like the Miami Dolphins lit up Joe Flacco. That was a brutal hit. Baltimore needed a win and got a win. Great Job.

The Carolina bounced back and beat the beatable Tampa Bay Bucs. Nice Win, No Drama

The Philadelphia Eagles should have crushed the 49ers and they did crush the 49ers. Easily, the #1 team in the NFL is the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Atlanta Falcons found a way to beat an AFC East team. That is about it, no on in Atlanta should be happy with the win or the teams results over the past four weeks. This is another team that needs to be imploded, no one is worth any value anywhere within the organization.

The New Orleans Saints beat a solid Chicago Bear team today. This was a really good game.

Huge win for New England over the LA Chargers. You can read a full article here.

The Buffalo Bills fought to get a HUGE WIN over the Oakland Raiders. Do not underestimate the Bills this year. Great Job Bills.

Minnesota smoked the Cleveland Browns in England. That is all….

The Dallas Cowboys cruised past the Washington Redskins.

With all the drama going on in Houston, The Houston Texans had a MONSTER GAME on Offense versus the Seattle Seahawks. You have to say that the Houston Texans Offense is easily the best Offense in the NFL. All that being said, the Seattle Seahawks Offense equally had a Monster Game and beat the Houston Texans. Easily the best Offensive Game of the year.

Now for the Low Lights:

The Tampa Bay Bucs are a mess. Can you fire an entire team, and coaching staff at the same time. This team, year after year simply cannot get it’s collective shit together. It is embarrassing.

The LA Chargers simply cannot get a quality win. The Chargers should have beaten the Patriots easily. Instead, the Chargers got outplayed and out coached.

Can you really be happy with a 1 point victory over the Indy Colts, if you are the Cincinnati Bengals. I would say no. This should have been a victory by 30 points, instead, the Bengals was lucky to win a ball game. This is another team, that everyone should get fired.

I am sorry but Oakland has to learn to play a game on East Coast.


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