Your World Series Champions – The Houston Astros

The Houston Astros won the whole damn thing, beating the Los Angeles Dodgers in 7 games.

This was a great World Series of two fantastic teams. The big money 242 Million Dollar Dodgers simply did not have enough pitching or hitting to take down the young Houston Astros team. The Houston Astros was the little team that could this MLB Post Season. The scrappy Astros simply did not give up all post season.

You have to love a team of home grown talent, who was able to beat down the big boys with a meager 124 Million Dollar team. Especially when you consider that Houston beat down the Boston Redsox 199 Million Dollar Team and the New York Yankees 201 Million Dollar Team.

MLB should be proud, this was one of the best post seasons that they have had, in a very long time.

All Hail The Houston Astros, because they are the World Series Champions of MLB 2017.

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