NFL 2017 Week 9 Results

Hello Football Peeps,

This was an explosive week in the NFL. You have some HUGE Scores, and Some Huge Losses. Right now, you have to put the Eagles as the #1 team in the NFL. Let’s get to some of these games.

Onward to the Highlights:

The J E T S Jets, Jets Jets are stunning the NFL world and winning big games. The win over the Buffalo Bills is a HUGE win for the New York Jets. This is a brutal season and the Jets have an outside chance to a wild card birth.

The Tennessee Titans won a big game over the Ravens. Which is keeping the Titans in first place in the AFC South.

Redskins and Seahawks was a great Defensive game. Redskins, simply had more at the end of the game. This is a big win that the Redskins need going forward.

Arizona Cardinals should have beat the 49ers and they beat the 49ers. Nice Job.

The Philadelphia Eagles crushed the Denver Broncos. It was a complete game without Ertz. The Eagles are the best team in the NFL.

The LA Rams traveled all the way to the East Coast and put a beat down on the Giants. The LA Rams has the most prolific scoring Offense in the NFL. Easily, the #2 team in the NFC and the NFL. Stop that Offense if you can.

The New Orleans Saints, rolled all over the Tampa Bay Bucs. This is a great win for the Saints, which keeps them at the top of the NFC South.

Jacksonville benches their best Offensive Player and still beats down the Cincinnati Bengals. WTG Jags.

The Indy Colts won a HUGE GAME over the Houston  Texans. Jacoby Brissett had a 300 yard passing game. I know it is dark in Indy with Luck going down this year. But, you are winning games. Great Job Colts.

Carolina and Atlanta had an entertaining game. Carolina won the game. I just look at these two teams and do not think that they will not matter in the overall scheme of the top NFL Teams.

Holy Shit Batman, I forgot about the HUGE Win by the Dallas Cowboys over the Kansas City Chiefs. That was a complete game win by the Dallas Cowboys. Great Game & Great Effort. How about them Cowboys. 

I struggle with the Raiders Dolphins game. I am disappointed that the Raiders did not put the screws to the Dolphins. I am pleasantly surprised with how close the Dolphins came to winning the game. I want more out of the Raiders than what I got in the game. Still, this was an entertaining game. Well played by both teams.

The Detroit Lions put a beat down on the Green Bay Packers. This was a solid win for the Lions. The Lions should have won this game big and they did win the game big. I am not going to pick on the Packers. It has been an injury plagued season. The Packers are playing the best that they can. WTG Lions.

Now for the Low Lights:

Our Douche Bag of the Week Award goes to the New York Football Giants. This entire team is simply loaded with Douche Bags, from the very top to the very bottom of the team. You may be able to count 5 players on that team, who actually wanted to play football. The coaching sucks, the players suck, and this team has checked out for the rest of the season. I am not even a Giants fan and I want the Giants Ownership to bring back Bill Parcels for 6 months. You need an Asshole, to deal with these Douche Bag Players. 

Simply, the Buffalo Bills thought if they showed up that the Jets would roll over and die. It amazes me, all of the time the ego of some teams. You have to come to play everyone.

The Denver Broncos is a team in crisis. Broncos have one of the best Defensive Units in the NFL but is being dragged down by the Offense. If Elway cannot fix the Offense, this will become a wasted year for Denver.

The Tampa Bay Bucs simply cannot get to the next level of the NFL. This team needs to be blown up, just like other Tampa Bay Buc teams. No heart, no fight, and no wins.

The Cincinnati Bengals are a team on the way to be flushed down the toilette again. When does this coaching staff get fired, how long does a team have to suck before you change out the Head Coach that is causing the team to suck.



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