NFL 2017 Week 10 Results

Hello Football Peeps,

This was a bizarre week for a number of these games.

Onward to the Highlights:

The Seattle Seahawks won a tough game over the Arizona Cardinals.

In a game of ZERO defense the Minnesota Vikings held on to beat the Washington Redskins. The Vikings should have won this game easily but the Redskins fought on Offense. A good game all the way around.

The Titans found a way to beat the beatable Cincinnati Bengals. Titans needed a win and got a win, not more than that thou.

The Indy Colts came so close to beating down the Pittsburgh Steelers. Colts played a great game. The Steelers should hang their heads in shame.

The Detroit Lions came back to beat down the Mighty Cleveland Browns today. To be honest, the Browns played a much better game. Great Effort for the Browns Team. Still a nice comeback win for the Lions.

The Green Bay Packers won a big game in Chicago. With Aaron Rodgers, this was a hard game, but the Packers held it together and won. Solid Win for team Packers.

To my utter shock, the New Orleans Saints CRUSHED the Bills. Easily the Saints are the #3 team in the NFC.

The LA Rams destroyed the Houston Texans. The second half of the game was all LA Rams. Another 30 point game for the top Offense in the NFL. Easily, the LA Rams are the 2nd best team in the NFL.

Today, the Atlanta Falcons got a win because the Cowboys coaching staff wanted to showcase a QB, instead of doing what it takes to win a football game. Nice win for Atlanta, but you should send the game ball, to the Cowboys coaching staff.

The New England Patriots DESTROYED the Denver Broncos on Sunday Night. Huge win for New England.

Now for the Low Lights:

The Cincinnati Bengals found a way to lose yet another football game. You have players, who simply cannot keep their heads in a football game. Then you have a coach who has lead this team down a path of losing for a decade now. This team needs to be imploded, from the top to the bottom.

The New York Football Giants simply are playing for the first pick in the first round. The Defense has totally thrown in the towel. Those Defensive Players gave up again today and that sucks, because the Offense is trying to win. The Giants management team needs to hunt down Bill Parcels. You need an asshole, to deal with douche bags.

The New York Jets and Tampa Bay Bucs played a football game today. Neither team came to win a ball game. Someone how Tampa Bay won. That is all…. Bad Game, All Day.

The LA Chargers and Jacksonville Jaguars played a football game that made all of us hate football today. The Jaguars won. This game was so bad, it should be stricken from Football History. Also, the entire LA Charger coaching staff should be fired, at the very least, and then those same people should be barred from ever coaching in the NFL, CFL, NCAA, High School, and Pop Warner football. Not only for this life but for the next 10 lives. Holy Shit Batman….

OMG, The Buffalo Bills got CRUSHED by the Saints Running Game. Coaching Staff has to do a better job in getting the team ready. This should not have happened today. Bills are a better team than this.

The Dallas Cowboys had the worst game plan of the day. They handed the Atlanta Falcons a win today. In Week 9, the Dallas Cowboys Running Backs touched the ball 28 times. This week the Running Backs touched the ball 15 times. Today, all the Dallas Coaching Staff wanted to do was showcase Dak Prescott, like he was an Elite Quarter Back, which is not what Dak Prescott is. This loss is all of the Coaching Staff.


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