NFL 2017 Week 12 Review

Holy Shit Batman, we had one hell of a football week. 

Onward to the highlights:

The Washington Redskins made the game a bit difficult but eventually did win a game over the New York Giants.

The LA Chargers put a beat down in the 2nd half on the Cowboys. Great Win.

The Minnesota Vikings simply are the #2 team in the NFL. Huge win at Detroit. The Vikings are rolling right now.

The Philadelphia Eagles killed the Chicago Bears. It was an old school beat down.

The Carolina Panthers – New York Jets game got silly crazy in the 2nd half. Both Teams was killing it on Offense. The Panthers simply got more points. If you are a Jets fan, it is a bad loss, but your team is playing harder and not giving up. Keep the faith Team Green.

The Buffalo Bills won a HUGE GAME today. Fantastic tough hard fought game. After the past couple of weeks, you needed this win.

Tennessee went to Indy to win a ball game and struggled to find a way but did win the ball game. That is all.

Cincinnati found a way to win a ball game. That is all.

The Atlanta Falcons went Medieval on the Tampa Bay Bucs. Julio Jones, Mohamed Sanu, and Tevin Coleman destroyed the Tampa Defense. EPIC Beatdown. This was a needed win for the Atlanta Falcons.

LA Rams stepped up and won a big game over the New Orleans Saints. You should send the game ball to Sean Payton, who fought throughout the game not to use Alvin Kamara, who was the hot hand.

Seattle Seahawks went down to the empty stadium in San Francisco and won a ball game. It was cool to see Jimmy Garoppolo come in and get a touch down for the 49ers.

The Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers played one hell of a game on Monday night. No Defense, but all kinds of offense. The Steelers held on to win. Great effort on Green Bay’s part as well.

Now for the lowlights:

The Cowboys again, simply did not want to run the football. Mind you, they averaged 5 yards a carry but hey, it is a Cowboy thing. It is more important to watch a 2nd year QB deconstruct in front of the entire NFL.

Chicago Bears has to play better against the elite teams. This is a good young team, that still has to grow and become .

This is why, Kansas City simply cannot have good things. You have a favorable Offensive match up with the Bills, and you screw it all up. Your Offense looks and plays like a team waiting to draft a number one pick. To make matters worse you have a head coach that lacks the intelligence to change a game plan. This is why Andy Reed sucks with every team he has ever had. He simply lacks the ability to coach up a team, during a game.

This is when a coach gets a little too much ahead of himself, but Sean Payton simply gave this game away. Alvin Kamara was having a huge game and instead of feeding him early and often, he held him back. Just think if Alvin Kamara had more than 5 rushing carries and 6 receptions.

This post will be updated for the Sunday Night / Monday Night Games if warranted. 

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