New England Patriots Pushes Through Buffalo

Hello Patriots Peeps,

The New England Patriots cruise on through the Buffalo Bills, 23 to 3.

This was not a pretty game but a win is a win. The goal is to get the Home Field Advantage for the playoffs and this game helps to accomplished that goal.

The Patriots Defense had another fantastic game. They kept the Bills under 200 yards passing, which is the good news. Bad news is that the Patriots Defense gave up close to 200 yards rushing. Buffalo is a great running team, so the rushing stats should not be a surprise. On an overall basis, the Defense gave up 3 points and that is a great game. Again, the Defense is getting the job done, GREAT JOB.

Patriots fans may not like the Offense right now but it is doing a solid job. This is another game in which the Patriots have kept the football over 30 minutes. When time of possession is on your side, you are winning ball games. The Patriots Passing will have to improve going forward but it is still a solid Offensive game.

Rob Gronkowski, did have a dirty play and will at the very least get fined. Do not be shocked, if he gets a game off. The kind of play that Gronkowski was  part off is unacceptable behavior. The player has to be more professional than that.


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