NFL 2017 Week 14 Results

Another football week is done, lets get to those results.

Onward to the Highlights:

It was not the best game to watch but the Atlanta Falcons moved past the New Orleans Saints.

The Dallas Cowboys showed some heart today and beat down the New York Giants. This was a good win, the Giants really wanted an Eli Manning comeback win.

Detroit loaded with injuries found a way to get past Tampa Bay Bucs. Not the best game to watch but considering the injuries on the Lions, this is a good win.

The Kansas City Chiefs got healthy on a Raiders team. Nice Effort for a change. Good and necessary win.

The Jimmy G lead 49ers found a way to beat a wounded Houston Texan team. Great job and a solid win.

Green Bay got a huge scare but beat the Cleveland Browns in OT.

The Chicago Bears slaughtered the Cincinnati Bengals. This is a great win for the Bears. It is moving in the right direction for next year. Great Effort & Good Game

You have to give Cam Newton credit for a great game. The Carolina Panthers shocked the shit straight out of me in this game. I really thought that the Vikings would wipe this team off the map. HUGE WIN for the Panthers. 

Buffalo Bills found a way to win a game in OT and in a Blizzard. HUGE GAME by McCoy.

In a game of little Defense, the Eagles came back and beat the LA Rams. It came at a HUGE COST, Carson Wentz could be gone for the season with a torn ACL.

Jacksonville beat the stuffing out of the Seattle Seahawks. Ignore the score, Jacksonville put on a beat down.

LA Chargers are making a late season run. Great win with a HUGE BLOWOUT.

Denver woke up and beat the stuffing out of the New York Jets.

The Arizona Cardinals won a Defensive game over the Tennessee Titans. Nice Win.

Now for the Lowlights:

The Oakland Raiders are killing me this year. They are great one week, suck another week, then  average another week. You never know, what Raiders team you are going to get and playing fantasy football is almost impossible, because you simply have no clue, who wants to play football that particular week.

I know this sucks for Houston and I know you are injured all over the team but you have to put forth more effort. You should have beat the 49ers today, even with the injuries. Sorry guys, hang tough, but you need to play better.

The Cincinnati Bengals are set to fire everyone, hopefully soon. What a pathetic effort. The Bears punched you in the mouth and you ran like cowards.

Very bad play by the Seattle Seahawks in that Jacksonville game. The team should apologize to the Jacksonville Jaguars and the NFL proper. The team should hang its collective heads in shame.

The Washington Redskins are done for the season, that is all.

This article will be updated as needed for the later games.


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