New England Patriots Got Smoked By The Miami Dolphins

Hello Patriots Peeps,

It was not a shock for the New England Patriots to lose to the Miami Dolphins, especially since Rob Gronkowski was suspended because it was more important for him to be a bone head.

On an overall basis, the Defense was not an issue. The time of possession was severely upside down. Dolphins had the ball for 36 minutes, while the Patriots had the ball for only 23 minutes. This is the sole reason why the Defense gave up 27 points and to be honest, the team is lucky the Defense only gave up 27 points.

The issue is the Offense, which was bland, like white rice. It did not help that the team without Gronkowski did not have a top player to deliver on 3rd down. The Offense is bogged down in nothingness, with set plays, with set players to only run those plays. The Offense has no imagination. I would like to tell you this is going to change but it is not. This Offensive Coordinator did this in the Super Bowl and he is doing it now.

This does not bode well for the next game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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