Patriots Clinch Home Field Advantage

Hello Patriot Peeps,

The New England Patriots easily beat down a wounded NY Jet team on Sunday. Luckily, for the Patriots, the NY Jets was a shell of a football team. The good item, the Patriots clinched home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

The defense had a stellar game again. Holding the NY Jets well under 100 yards rushing and that is a big deal. The passing game was a little suspect but not a bad game. When a rookie QB is playing the game and you give up over 200+ yards, and you have no real injuries, you should have done a better job. It is not the end of the world but the Defense should have worked harder in the game.

The Offense is still a mixed bag. The running game was simply AWESOME. Putting 150+ rushing yards on the NY Jets is HUGE. Jet’s Defense is solid, that many yards rushing is  an accomplishment. The Passing game is a sick and sad joke. That I blame on the Village Idiot Offensive Coordinator, who has turned a Hall of Fame QB, into a QB who struggles to complete passes to a wide out. What the hell is going on in these team meetings, and on the practice field. Have the Hall of Fame QB, work with the F#$%ing wide outs on the practice field and get the damn thing done. At this point in history, this is not a problem that this team should have. 

I am concerned that this team, simply is not good enough at this point in time, going into the playoffs. The Defense is fine, it is the Offense that is the biggest problem. You have a fantastic running game, you should be able to pass the ball with reckless abandon, and instead you struggle to get the ball to your wide outs. It makes no football sense.

Also, now that the NFL Regular Season is over, teams are looking for coaches. Let, me make this simple, so simple even a Village Idiot will figure it out. The New England Patriots, right now, do not have any coaches on the team, except for Bill Belichick, that are fit to be a head coach. So, if another team wants a coach, that would be an awesome turn of events, because this NFL team is stale. The New England Patriot football team is becoming a dinosaur and will soon be bypassed by the rest of the league. We need new coaching personnel to update this team, to remove some bad thinking and coaching that has gone on for the past few years.

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