NFL 2017 Playoffs Week One

Hello Football Peeps,

OMG, what a fantastic grouping of playoff games we had.

The Kansas City Chiefs found a way to lose a perfectly winnable playoff game. This is why Andy Reid has to get out of football. This was an EPIC failure and I cannot understand why Andy Reid still has his job today. All that being said, the Tennessee Titans, played one hell of a game. Great job Titans.

The Atlanta Falcons went to LA and beat the Rams. Rams simply was too nervous in the game. It was a shame but Atlanta wanted to win more. It really was that plain and simple. The one thing you have to say, is that Atlanta as a team and coaching staff, got the job done. Great job Falcons.

Many people complained about the low scoring Bills vs Jaguars game. This was a classic knock down drag out hard fought old school game. Buffalo did a fantastic job but simply did not have enough to get over the hump. The Jacksonville Jaguars are moving on and they could be a hard team to beat in the AFC.

The Carolina Panthers vs New Orleans Saints was a great game. Saints got the job done early and held on for a victory. The one thing you can say is that Cam Newton of Carolina left everything on the field. Simply, one of the best efforts I have seen in a playoff game in a very long time. Still, New Orleans is moving on and they are going to be a very tough team to beat in the NFC.

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