The Philadelphia Eagles Win The Superbowl

The Philadelphia Eagles are your NFL Superbowl Champions.

Nick Foles, played one hell of a game and got his team a Superbowl Championship. You have to give it to the Eagles, they simply had the better complete team on the field.

The New England Patriots made a number of stupid decision before the game on Defense. First of all Malcom Butler did not play on Defense, which astounds me. If that was not enough, Stephon Gilmore did not start the game covering Alshon Jeffery. These horrible decisions easily cost the New England Patriots 21 points if not more on Defense.

The Patriots Offense could not have done a better job if they tried.

Simply the Patriots Defense gave the entire game away. The Patriots loss has to be put on the heads of the Coaching Staff, who did  a shit job preparing for the Eagles Offense.

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