Boston Celtics 2017 / 2018 Half Time Report

It is horrific to get decent information from the Boston Sports Media Cartel (BSMC) regarding any New England Sports Team, never mind the Boston Celtics. That is why is here.

At the half way point of the season, we do know some things about this Celtics team, some good, some bad. Considering the ugly injury to Gordon Hayward at the start of the season, the Celtics are in 2nd place in the East, 2.5 games back from Toronto. What this shows is that you do have a solid core of a team, that you can continue to win at a high level without one of your star players. Celtics fans are not celebrating this information enough.

Now, you do have some bad issues ongoing. The main issue is that your Forwards and Centers on this team are not getting the job done. Every team that has the opportunity to play the Celtics this year is dining on the weak play of Horford, Morris, Tatum, and Baynes. They are being out hustled and in most cases out rebounded epically.  You have a number of reasons for why this is happening.

  • The Celtics are being outcoached in a number of these games. Brad Stevens is not getting the job done. He has shown no ability for the past 2 years to be able to make in game coaching decision. If the initial game plan fails, it fails all game long and leads to a loss, almost every single time.
  • Danny Ainge, for some reason unknown to the basketball world, hates real centers. I cannot tell you why, It is the biggest issue that this team has. Big men from other teams are having Career games, throughout this season versus the Celtics. The Celtics will not win a Championship if this reality does not change.
  • As much as I blame Management for an inability to acquire and coach the players on the team. You have to look at the players, who have underperformed. Horford and Morris should be doing more and they are not. Baynes is a nobody and Tatum may be a good player in the future, but he is not getting the job done now. This team has a toughness problem, they are playing far too weak and mild. It is not about playing one great game, which is what these players do, it is playing consistently, in all of the games. 

Celtics fans need to worry less about other teams and enjoy the solid season they are getting. Do not worry is this year goes awry. You lost a star players and you are still near the top of the East. What needs to be focused on, is making this team better for the 2018 / 2019 season, when if you can acquire a top center, you can win a NBA Title.

People are going to talk to you about Cleveland, Houston, and Golden State because that is easy. The real upcoming teams are Toronto, Detroit, and Washington, those teams are the future and the reason why you know nothing about them, is because Main Steam Sports Media is always one or two years behind the curve.


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