NBA Eastern Conference After The All-Star Break

The Lebron Cavaliers have hit the skids so far and the Celtics are hitting in stride. None of these two items are shocking. The Toronto Raptors, that no one is talking about, is killing everything right now.

The Celtics had solid wins over Grizzlies and Hornets, but had a hard luck loss by the Rockets. I am going to focus a little bit on the hard luck loss to the Rockets.

  • In game coaching sucks right now. You had a lead and found a way to lose. That is all on the coaching. The coaching staff has to work harder on fixing in game issues.
  • That being said, the Celtics for the first time did a great job protecting the box. If you look at the shot chart, Rockets struggled scoring in the box. That is a positive sign if it continues.
  • The bad side of the shot chart for the Rockets is that they owned the 3 point line. This is a young Boston team and they need to hustle harder on defense. Again, that is part of in game coaching.

Toronto crushed the following teams: Pistons, Magic, and Wizards. I am going to tell you something, the team to beat in the East is Toronto. I would suggest that the rest of the so called NBA Sports Media gets that message. Toronto is 1.5 games ahead of Boston and 8.5 games ahead of the Lebron Cavaliers.

The Lebron Cavaliers have some issues after the All-Star break.

  • For some on godly reason JR Smith & George Hill are getting more time on the floor than Jordan Clarkson & Rodney Hood. This reason alone is why the Cavs have lost 2 of the past 3 games.
  • Personally, Rodney Hood should never come of the floor. He is the right alternative scorer that Lebron James needs. Mind you, no one on team Lebron gets that but hey, if they want to lose with lesser players, that is on them. 
  • Do not believe for a second that the losing is going to continue. Lebron is still a stud, even though he is running his own team into the ground. They will beat lesser teams.
  • Kevin Love is going to return, might not be now, but he is going to return and that is going to help the team long term.
  • I am not a Nance fan but he has done better with the Lebron Cavaliers than anticipated. My suggestion would be to get him playing more in the middle. He is a cheap version of Kevin Love anyways.

The real Beast of the East should be Toronto but the Celtics do have a real shot at winning a title this year with a lesser team. It is going to come down to the young Celtic players putting forth more effort and the in game coaching has to improve. 



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