The Toronto Raptors Playing Down To The Competition

The Toronto Raptors, who should be talked about like Golden State, Houston, Cleveland, and Boston has found a way to play down to the competitions level.

Toronto has a 2 game lead over the Boston Celtics and a 9 game lead over the Cleveland Cavaliers. Right now, Toronto has a 55 win and 21 Loss record. That makes them tied with Golden State and only behind the Houston Rockets.

Then you have a game when you lose to a wounded Cleveland Cavaliers team 132 to 129 and then lose a few days later to a crippled Boston Celtics team 110 to 99.

Let’s look at the Cleveland Cavaliers Game:

  • Kevin Love had 12 rebounds. I want you to think about that for a second. Kevin Love the American Euro Weenie player of Euro Weenie players outrebounded every player on the Toronto Raptors team. That is soft like a marshmallow and every single player on the Toronto Raptors team should be ashamed of themselves.
  • Calderon, Hill, Smith outplayed by a country mile DeRozan & Lowry. That is 10 levels of hell pathetic. What is the problem in Toronto DeRozan & Lowry is too special to play hard every game? Pathetic effort at the guard play.

When you look at the Celtics Game, Lowry for Toronto was an invisible player, 34 minutes, a +/- of -10 and 11 points, the only positive stat this player had was 9 assists. The only real guards that the Celtics deployed were Rozier and Brown, you go -10 on one of those two players. SOFT

To make matters worse, Morris and Tatum each had in the mid-twenties for points and a +/- of +21 and +10. That has to be at least 20 levels of Hell SOFT, that has to be Cottonelle toilette paper level soft, that is kitty fur soft. You know these are not star players, Tatum should be in college and shit you could have gotten Morris on your own at the beginning of the season.

If you, the Toronto Raptors want to be considered one of the best team in the NBA, you have to play like it. You want respect, you have to earn it and you have to play hard and in these two games that you should have won by 20 points you found a way to lose. The Celtics to be perfectly honest, you should have won by 20 points with your star players sitting on the damn bench.

Your team are soft and smushy players who do not want to play hard in every game. You want to coast and flow through these games. Your level of play is an embarrassment and the scary part, I do not believe that you folks in Toronto even grasp it.

It is a waste of having the Toronto Raptors at the top of the East region.

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