Slow Your Roll RedSox Fans

Yes, the Boston RedSox are having one hell of a start to the baseball season. They are 8 – 1 and to be honest they should be 9 – 0, if Cora did not screw up the first game. The issue is that you have to look at exactly who the RedSox have played.

To date, the RedSox have played the two worst teams in baseball, the Marlins and the Rays. MLB should be ashamed of themselves for allowing Derek Jeter to break up that Marlins team, especially since they did not get much in return. The Tampa Bay Rays have no excuse as to why they suck as much as they do, other than the management team who runs them. Both of these teams will struggle to win games, it may be a race to the bottom for both of these Florida teams as to exactly how bad, bad is going to be.

Starting Tuesday, the RedSox will be playing the Yankees and the Orioles and that is going to tell you exactly how good the RedSox actually are. Do not be shocked RedSox fans when the Yankees sweep you and you lose the Orioles series.

It is one thing to beat up on bad teams, it is another thing to beat up on real MLB teams. It has been a good start to the season. The baseball bats are doing ok, not great and the starting pitching has been awesome. The fielding has been ok, Cora has them too aggressive on the field with shifting and cheating on player locations. It is fine against bad teams, let’s see how this goes against real baseball teams. I can tell you that I am concerned regarding the relief pitching, they have sucked so far this season.

Slow your roll RedSox fans, you are dining on cupcakes at the moment.

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