Boston Celtics Playoff Run 2018

With the Celtics tied with the Milwaukee Bucks 2 – 2, it is time to have an honest conversation regarding this Celtics team.

First off, with all of the injuries that this Celtics team has, the team cannot play any harder, and you are getting the most out of what players you do have playing. My suggestion to Celtics fans is to be happy.

Now, that has been said, it is time to look at what can be done for this team to move forward.

  1. The team has to play smarter, the team does not recognize when they have numbers and when they have breakaway opportunities.
  2. When Thon Maker for the Bucks hits the floor, Al Horford has to be on the floor and the ball has to go to him in the low post. Al Horford should be eating Thon Maker’s lunch and dinner, on his way to the hoop.
  3. The Celtics live by the 3 point shot. When they drop and they have been, it is a good day. Eventually, they are not going to drop and this team is getting lazy on the outside. You have too many players watching than working. I am not telling you, to stop shooting 3’s, what I am saying is that the players have to stop watching plays. If you hit the Bucks, down low, those 3 point opportunities will be available with open shots.
  4. I know that the Bucks have a number of block shots but you have to pound the box. You have to keep pounding the box down low and doing so will create more open shots away from the basket.

Boston Sports Media sucks and you are going to hear all kinds of negativity because they simply do not know sports. This Boston Celtics team is leaving everything on the court, every single night. You cannot ask for more than that. You have backups, rookies, and leftover players who nobody in the NBA wanted winning games in the playoffs.

Enjoy this team, go Celtics.

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