Celtics Move To The East Finals.

Your Boston Celtics closed out the Philadelphia 76ers, in 5 games. Simply, you cannot believe that the Celtics with all of these injuries makes it to the East Finals.

I am not shocked that the Celtics won this series. The 76ers are simply too young and unprepared for the playoffs. It also does not help that Embiid is simply not built for a heavy pounding night in and night out. This will make the 76ers dangerous next season because these young players now know what it takes to win a playoff series.

The Celtics are now, locked and loaded to take on the Cleveland Cavaliers. This will be a very interesting series. The youth of the Celtics are winning the day and they have an opportunity to beat the Lebron Cavaliers. It is going to be interesting to see how Tatum, Brown, Smart, Rozier, and Horford will play going forward. These 5 players are key to beating the Lebron Cavaliers. It will also be key for Brad Stevens to do a better coaching job against this Lebron Cavalier team than he did last year.

Right now Celtics Peeps, enjoy this show, enjoy this team, you are now on house money and everything and anything can happen. 

Go Green Team

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