Current State Of Affairs Concerning The RedSox

I have given it a bit of time before writing something new regarding the Boston RedSox.

The team on an overall basis is doing fine. They are in the top 3 teams in the American League, stating that is not hard or difficult. That does not mean that this team should continue to coast through the rest of the season.

RedSox Management continues to drag this team down. The inability to obtain new players to fill key holes is a HUGE problem. I have no problem with Hanley Ramirez being DFA. I have a problem with how RedSox Management did not have the balls to simply state that Hanley Ramirez was removed because of his contract, instead they stick it on a rookie manager who, to be honest, is struggling.

I have a giant problem with how Dustin Pedroia has been handled. It is an annoyance to state that he was basically replacing Hanley Ramirez. To make matters worst, Dustin Pedroia only lasts two games before his knee swells up and he is back on the DL. I want someone to explain to me why a person in the RedSox medical team has not been fired over this issue. Let me make this clear, I do not care if Dustin Pedroia comes back this year, but if he comes back, he has to be able to play full time. If he cannot play full time, keep him on the DL, till he is ready.

Here is also more updated news on Hanley Ramirez:

Then we have some on the field issues with the players we do have on the RedSox. First off, I am tired of players watching Chris Sale pitch. That is a pathetic joke and that is a Manager problem. Chris Sale is not going to score any runs and he is not going to win games all on his own. The Manager has to do a better job at getting these players ready and active when Chris Sale is pitching.

The back half of the lineup TOTALLY SUCKS and that has been going on all season. From the number 6 through 9 slots are utterly and totally useless. I am tired of hearing that nothing can be done to fix these positions. Right now, if Rafael Devers and Eduardo Nunez cannot hit a baseball, then replace them. It would be different if they could play defence but they do not. I love Jackie Bradly Jr, but he is not hitting .200, that makes him a defensive backup. This is not hard stuff people, this is not awe-inspiring, you do not have to go and claim a mountain and ask an old Asian Guy the answers to what is going on in the back end of the lineup. Baseball has an endless supply of bad teams and an equally endless supply of talent that should be available. You do not need a big major signing to fix these areas. You are looking for people who can field the position and hit over .260. These are common baseball moves, this is not difficult, and RedSox fans should be screaming for RedSox Management heads for moves not being made. The excuse you are getting from Boston Sports Media regarding the lack of talent in the minor leagues to acquire players is BULLSHIT. That is RedSox propaganda being peddled down from the Ass Kissers from the RedSox Media Machine. If you are a real baseball fan, you know better than this.

The RedSox pitching staff is fine as it is now. I now that Boston Sports Media is pounding for an 8th inning relief pitcher. I do not view this as a necessary evil. The real question is, do you believe that this RedSox team can be a quality team in the late innings. Your answer is probably “NO” and in my opinion, an 8th inning relief pitcher is not going to change that reality.

The RedSox struggle to beat what few teams are deemed good in MLB and that is the main issue for this team. I do not think that the regular season matters for this team. If they lose in the first round of the playoffs or do not win the Wild Card game, then this entire RedSox Season means NOTHING….


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