RedSox At The All Star Break

Hello RedSox Peeps,

Simply this cannot get any better. You have a 4.5 game lead in the east. You have 68 wins and a winning percentage of .694. As far as the halfway point of an MLB season, you have no complaints.

That is not the issue with this RedSox team. The issue is the playoffs.

The Yankees and the Astros are built to be team killers in the playoffs and Boston simply has not shown they can perform in the playoffs.

I think the RedSox needs to make a deal. I would prefer simple small deals that the Boston Sports Media simply does not understand, which is why no one in the area ever thinks about it. You need an average bat at the Center Field position and one additional infielder who can hit a baseball. This does not take much effort to complete. You do not need to have a deep farm system to make these level of deals.

Cincinnati, San Diego, NY Mets, and the majority teams in the AL Central should be looking to make some deals because they are going nowhere. This is a thinking small approach and it is all that you need right now.

Enjoy the rest of the regular season people, because your RedSox is BEASTS in the American League.  Take a look below.

It is a 6 or 7 team race for the American League playoffs.  It is ugly for the rest of these teams who are simply losing all of the time.

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