Fake News Regarding The RedSox Relief Pitching Needs

OMG, RedSox Peeps,

FU&%ing Sports Radio and Media in Boston is Non-Stop Relief Pitching Woes for a team with 81 F*C&ing wins. The Redsox’s simply do not have relief pitching issues. It is EPIC FAKE NEWS, most likely by a douche bag within RedSox Management or Team Ownership.

MPDSports is going to lay down a TRUTH BOMB, so here we go RedSox Peeps:


The Relief Pitching Staff sucks so much, they are 4th in MLB in Team Saves. Only the Mariners, Rockies and Dodgers have more saves.

Save Percentage:

Shocking, the RedSox suck so bad, they are 3rd in the entire MLB in Save Percentage. Only the Nationals and A’s are better.

Blown Saves:

This is the worst stat’s that the RedSox have in relief pitching. The RedSox rank 5th least in all of MLB in blown saves. The RedSox have 12 blown saves, the league average is 15. It is not great, but it is very far from the end of the world.


The RedSox rank 4th in team saves. RedSox have 36 team saves and the league average is 30.

Losses in Relief:

Again, the RedSox Suckage is Legendary, they rank 2nd in the least amount of Losses in Relief. The RedSox have 9 and the league average is 19. Let me say this again RedSox Fans, ranked 2nd in all of Major League Baseball in the least amount of Losses in Relief. 

Wins in Relief:

The RedSox rank 3rd in Wins in Relief. RedSox have 25 wins and the league average is 20.

In Review:

When you hear or read or watch a Sports Media Douche Bag mention this EPIC FAKE NEWS of RedSox Relief Pitching issues, always remember, another Douche Bag in the RedSox Management and or Team Ownership groups want a magical and mystical relief pitching that is going to save every game, win every game and never lose a game.

Those Relief Pitchers, simply do not exist. The RedSox rank in the Top 5 in MLB in all of the top Relief Pitching categories. This does not mean that going forward that the RedSox Relief Pitchers are not going to blow a save or lose a game because they will. It happens to every single team in MLB.

The issue is in the playoffs and as I have said all year if the RedSox fail in the postseason, it is going to be from the starting pitching or hitting as it has been in the past two years. 




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