Redsox Move On To The American League Championship Series

The Redsox closed out the New York Yankee’s in 4 games. Which has led to much celebration and the greater glory of the Redsox in general?

As I have said for some time, the issue with the Redsox in the playoffs is going to be the starting pitching and timely hitting. Other than Nathan Eovaldi, the rest of the starting pitchers had issues. Chris Sale went a lowly 5.1 innings, David Price could not complete 2 innings, and Rick Porcello went 5 innings. This pitching performance by these three pitchers sucks. Now, out of these three pitchers, you got 2 wins. Even with these Pitchers sucking epically, the Redsox as a team was able to overcome these issues.

The other end of this is Alex Cora becoming the greatest manager that has ever existed in baseball, which is the line of epic shit I have seen from the clowns in the Boston Sports Media. The truth of the matter is that Alex Cora had a good series. He made a number of correct decisions after sucking in Game One, and Game Two. Alex Cora for some ungodly reason found a way of using close to every single pitcher in the Redsox bullpen, in those two games. The Boston Sports Media clowns tend to forget this reality. In Games 3 and 4, Alex Cora did an awesome job, he made great decisions on starting pitching and moving in the correct batters. You can argue that in Game 4 Alex Cora did a shit job of managing the end of that game, but a closeout win in Yankee Stadium is as good as gold.

Obviously, these issues will carry into the American League Championship Series. Alex Cora, of course, has already made a boneheaded decision and the series has not even started yet. Game One starter should be Nathan Eovaldi, and Game Two starter should be Chris Sale, it takes very little intelligence to figure this shit out but Manager of the Century Alex Cora has it in his brainpan that David Price should start in Game Two, so David Price’s EPIC SUCKAGE at Fenway Park can continue.

It is adding too much pressure for David Price to pitch at Fenway Park under the pressure of the fan base. This decision is so basic and so easy to make it sickens me that no one in Redsox management can figure this shit out and put a stop too it. Pitching David Price in Game 3, in Houston would be a less stressful decision for Price, the fan base, and for the Redsox as a team.

This series is going to show you, who is the World Series Team… Great Ready Sox Fans…

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