NFL Week 6 Sunday Handicapping & DFS Selections

Hello Football Peeps,

We are good to go for this Sunday. I will have 4 handicapping selections and two different DFS Football teams. One for the Sunday Featured Event and One for Sunday through Monday. Both teams last week did well, they did fall short of the money but not by much.


Take the Chargers +1 over the Browns. I like the Browns, but the Chargers are going to light them up today.

Take the Colts +2.5 over the New York J E T S, Jets Jets Jets. I know Hilton is out, but the Colts will light up the Jets secondary, plus they have all of their running backs, back.

Take Atlanta -3 over Tampa Bay. It has been a rough go for the Falcons but they are going to win this game and win this game big.

Take Kansas City +3.3 over New England. This line from Vegas is a gift from the Gambling Gods. You bet this all day and night. New England Defense sucked against the Colts wounded Offense last week. What on Earth do you think Kansas City is going to do.  I would also take the Money Line on Kansas City which is +165. This is the easiest bet you will make this NFL Season.


Our Sunday Feature Team:

I like Atlanta this week. I expect to see Atlanta to blow out Tampa, so maximize that matchup as much as possible.

My Wife’s Sun-Mon Team: 

My Wife’s team last week did really well and just fell short of the money. Do not fall asleep here, this is not a bad team.

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