Patriots Get A Huge Win Over Kansas City

Hello Patriots Peeps,

I am still highly negative when it comes to this Patriots Team. I am still pissed off with the GM not doing the damn job he was hired for. Notice how Bill Belichick always seems to find a way to pass the blame anywhere except for himself.

But, we have to talk about this game versus the Kansas City Chiefs. The Defense could not have played a better first half of football. You have to give credit when it is due. Obviously, the 2nd half of the game the Defense reverted back to the uselessness that they actually are.

The Offense was AWESOME. Tom Brady, Sony Michel simply had the night of nights. You also have to feel positive about the play of Gronkowski, Gordon, Hogan, Edelman, and White. I simply did not believe that this piece of crap Offense could score 43 points. It was impressive and the Offensive Game Plan was Magnificent.

This win on Sunday Night was HUGE and is going to go a long way of keeping the Patriots at the top of the AFC, something, I would not have believed at the beginning of the season.

Chicago Bears is up next, this will not be a soft Defense.

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