Patriots Win In A Shoot Out Over The Chicago Bears.

Hello Patriot Peeps,

Your New England Patriots found a way to outscore the Chicago Bears.

We are going to start on the Good Side.

The Patriots Offense without Gronk had one hell of a game. The Rushing game had issues because Sony Michel went out hurt early. Less than 100 yards is not good. The Patriots passed the ball for a little under 300 yards. On an overall basis, against this Bears Defense, that is a great job. Brady managed the game well and found a way not to get killed by the Bears Defense.

Now let’s get to the Bad Side.

The Patriots Defense SUCKED, it sucked so bad, whores are looking to sue for copyright infringement. Who you can blame for this EPIC SUCKAGE is Bill, I only win SuperBowls when I want to win SuperBowls, Belichick. The GM has utterly and totally screwed up this Defense by not doing his damn job in the offseason to get better personnel.

Let’s be honest, If the Bears Receivers could catch a football, the Patriots would have lost this game by 20 points. To make it worse this is basically a Rookie QB who only completed 50% of his passes for 333 yards. That is a piss poor Defense.

With all of that being said, the Patriots have the Bills next.

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