Yes, The Patriots Sucked Against The Titans

Hello Patriot Peeps,

For the past few weeks, I have not given any commentary regarding the Patriots because it simply was not warranted. The Patriots beat the Bills and the Packers. Both teams are losing ball clubs at or near the bottom of their own division.

This game against the Tennessee Titans has no meaning whatsoever. Tennessee Titans are simply a team of castoffs and wannabee Patriot ex-players. For the Tennessee Titans, this was the Superbowl, a way to prove they can beat the team that cast them off.

For the Patriots, they simply did not get up for the game and they showed up to the game with a piece of shit effort and gameplan. Let’s be honest, when you go out and throw a football to Josh Gordon 12 times, tell you exactly how little the Patriots Coaching Staff planned for this game with the Titans.

Now for Boston Sports Radio this going to be the end of the Earth because this game was supposed to show how Bill Belichick made the right decision on benching Butler during the Superbowl, that Mike Vrabel was not good enough to be a head coach, that Dion Lewis was never good enough to be a full-time running back, that the other players that had been cast off by the Patriots Organization should have been.

I have said the following items since the start of the season and none of this has changed after this game:

  • Patriots Pass Defense Sucks and opposing wideouts run around footloose and fancy-free.
  • Bill Belichick did a shit job building this football team, especially on Offense.
  • The Patriot has an ineffective core of receivers.
  • The Patriots Offense is vastly overrated.
  • The Kraft Family is 10 Million Dollars under the salary cap every year and it has to stop.
  • The Patriots on an overall basis is a good team, not a great team.

The New England Patriots were defeated by a team that had more effort and a better gameplan, that is all.

Onto the Bye Week.

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