Patriots Beat Down The Vikings

Hello Patriot Peeps,

Your New England Patriots had a solid game against the Minnesota Vikings. Luckily for the Patriots the Vikings pissed all over themselves and tossed the entire game away, like a use tissue.  This is not a complaint about the Patriots thou.

The Patriot’s Defense had one hell of a game. Holding the Vikings to 200 yards passing, 100 yards rushing. Both of these items are awesome because the Vikings really are a good team, it simply did not show today.

The Patriot’s Offense did not have a great day. Obviously, it was a good enough day to win a ball game. Passing and Rushing numbers are nothing to write home about and to be honest the Vikings Defense had more control on the Patriots Offense, than the Patriots had on the Vikings Defense.

Still, this is a solid win. Next week it will be time to squish the fish.


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