Not The Right Time For The Patriots To Lose

The New England Patriots today really screwed up the possible post season standings.

Boston Sports Media will be a total shit show all week because of this ugly loss to the Miami Dolphins. Sadly, as Patriot fans, you are going to have to suck on it. It will be an endless amount of nothingness all week long.

I am going to just drop a truth bomb right here:

  • The Patriots Historically struggle playing Miami in Miami.
  • The Patriots believed they were the better team before the game even started and that truth was a dirty lie.
  • The Patriots Defense has sucked all year long. Especially in the passing game. Today it was exposed for the frauds that the Defense actually are.
  • The coaching staff is limited and is being exposed mainly because the GM, who is the Head Coach, crippled this team before the season even started. When the Rams, Bears, and Browns were rebuilding Bill Belichick was trying to cover for his shit decision in a Superbowl loss.
  • Bravado does not win ball games, hard work does and this Patriots Team does not do the hard work anymore.

This loss has put the Second Seed in the AFC at risk and it took away any chance of being the One Seed. Now, the New England Patriots will have to go to Kansas City in the AFC Championship game and let me tell you my Patriot Peeps, nothing good is going to happen for this Patriots Team in Kansas City.

This team needs less talk, less showboating, and less it is all about me. This team needs to get back to working hard because today it was not about working hard but more about showing a team up and running your mouth.

The Patriots Organization, Coaches & Players should apologize for this piece of shit performance.

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