An Ugly Loss To The Steelers

Greetings Patriot Peeps,

It is not the result that anyone who is a Patriots fan is looking for. The Patriots Offense dropped a dud of a game, at the worst possible time.

The Patriot Defense had a solid game. Holding all of that talent that the Steelers have on the passing game was an awesome job. The rush Defense sucked but holding the wideouts down was a more important decision. Plus the Defense only gave up 17 points, that is a job well done.

The Patriots Offensive game plan sucked all day. The only one who could stop Rob Gronkowski was the Patriots Coaching Staff. The first half of the game Gronk was a very expensive blocker. Considering that Gronk averages over 100+ yards receiving against the Steelers in all of his past games, it was a massive mistake by the coaching staff. It is embarrassing to be perfectly honest.

The Rushing attack sucked and did not get to 100 yards. Considering you wasted Gronk blocking for backs who could not get the yards or the scoring, just a horrific decision. The other end of this is that Pittsburgh has been holding teams under 100 yards rushing for the past few weeks. This is not hard to find out and research, a shame this Patriots Coaching Staff could not do the same thing.

This is what I wrote last week:

I am going to just drop a truth bomb right here:

The Patriots Historically struggle playing Miami in Miami.

The Patriots believed they were the better team before the game even started and that truth was a dirty lie.

The Patriots Defense has sucked all year long. Especially in the passing game. Today it was exposed for the frauds that the Defense actually are.

The coaching staff is limited and is being exposed mainly because the GM, who is the Head Coach, crippled this team before the season even started. When the Rams, Bears, and Browns were rebuilding Bill Belichick was trying to cover for his shit decision in a Superbowl loss.

Bravado does not win ball games, hard work does and this Patriots Team does not do the hard work anymore.

Other than the Patriots Defense and the Miami Dolphins, those words still hold true today.

This is where we stand today Patriot Peeps. Your New England Patriots are Ranked #3 in the AFC. That means no rest for the ageing roster. It also means that you are going to be playing Baltimore or Indianapolis in the Wild Card Weekend and you should not take any joy in playing those teams because right now, our Patriots Team is not better than either of those teams.

The only Caveat is that the Patriots have to beat both the Bills and Jets. If the Patriots lose either of those games, the Patriots may have to play the Chargers in the Wild Card round instead and that will be bad news.

The Great Bill Belichick Era of winning Championships may come to an end much sooner than anticipated.


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