The New England Patriots Move To The AFC Championship Game

Hello Patriot Peeps,

What we had today was a complete game effort from every facet of the Patriots Organization.

The LA Chargers was utterly and completely destroyed today. It was a magnificent game plan by the New England coaching staff on both sides of the ball. It was also a complete game victory by the players, who carried out that game plan with precision.

Now, we have a collision course between the Kansas City Chiefs and the New England Patriots next Sunday. The Game is going to be legendary, it is going to be EPIC, and the score is going to be insanely high.

I have heard much talk about the Patriots Organization and the demise of that great Organization. I would slow down that roll. I will be the first person to tell you, that Bill Belichick is a horrible General Manager. At no point should that be considered an opinion regarding Bill Belichick as a head coach?

Today was a great day for Patriots Nation, enjoy it, and spread the word. The Patriots are coming for the Chiefs next Sunday.

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