Superbowl 53 Is Set

Hello Football Peeps,

Superbowl 53 is now set, it is New England Patriots vs Los Angeles Rams.

The Patriots had a fantastic game and beat the Kansas City Chiefs in OT. It was an awesome gameplan to limit the number of touches by Patrick Mahomes. As usual, Tom Brady led the Patriots in the 4th quarter and in OT to win the ball game. You also have to give a massive shout out to the Offensive Line of the Patriots who had a complete game victory over the Defensive Line of the Kansas City Chiefs.

The LA Rams won a contested game. Which is a shame because both teams, the Rams and Saints deserved to play a game that would not have been decided by bad officiating.

It has to be stated that the officiating this playoff season has sucked and it has sucked in every single game this playoff year. The head of officiating should be fired and replaced. I would fire the Commissioner but these greedy dirtbag owners will never do it because this same piece of shit Commissioner always finds a way to bring these same dirtbag owners a mountain of money. 

The Superbowl in and of itself is going to be an awesome game. The Rams back in days long ago, on a planet far, far away, started the Patriots Dynasty. Now, it has all come full circle. Will it be the old guard New England Patriots beating the upstart young team, or will the young LA Rams team be the spoilers like the New England Patriots had been so many years ago.

This will be an EPIC Superbowl unless the officiating becomes an issue.


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