The New England Patriot Win Superbowl 53

It was one of the ugliest Superbowls I have ever watched.

That being said, you have to give credit to the Patriots Defense and Julian Edelman, who carried the entire Patriots Team to this victory.

What this does for the New England Patriots organization is easily make it one of the greatest football dynasties ever.  Six Superbowl victories with 3 losses. It will also cement Tom Brady’s legacy as one of the best QB’s ever to play in the NFL. I will say one thing about Tom Brady, this was not his best game and he was not even close to being a major factor in winning this Superbowl.

The LA Rams were outclassed in this game. Todd Gurley was a no show with the majority of the Rams Offense. You have to admit that Brandon Cooks and Josh Reynolds did the best that they could for the Rams.

The LA Rams Defense did well, only giving up 13 points to New England is something to be proud of, it was just not enough.

It was a great NFL Season and the New England Patriots are you Superbowl Champions.

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