NBA DFS Madness

Holy Shit Batman, It was an unbelievable night for NBA DFS.

The key to the madness was the Chicago Bulls / Atlanta Hawks game with  4 Over Time quarters and over 320 total points.

Here is an image of my team and the winning team for the contest I played on DraftKings. 

You may never seen a 440+ Fantasy NBA DFS Team every in your life. My 367 point team is my best Fantasy NBA DFS Team. I can tell you since the All-Star break the NBA DFS Fantasy scoring has been sky high. Right now to win a contest, you really need a 380 plus point team and most nights it has been getting to 400 points.

I have been doing this for the past couple of years and believe me, this scoring is totally and utterly insane. This may be the new normal for NBA Fantasy scoring, so for those who are new, this shows you that you need to do research and you need to be able make changes to your team on the fly and take risks.

If you look at these teams, you do not see Lebron James and you do not see the Giannis Antetokounmpo who were the top two players in this slate of games. It can be all about fading key players in the right situation.

Keep at it NBA Fantasy People.

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