It Is Time To Talk About 2019 RedSox

Hello Baseball Peeps,

I know that we are way behind in talking about the 2019 Boston RedSox. I am going to put this into sections to make it a bit easier.

The AL East

We need to have an honest conversation, this division blows and it blows so hard that Whores are suing for copyright infringement. The Baltimore Orioles are a joke, more of a AAA ballclub than anything else. The one positive thing I will say about the Orioles is they have some young talent that will do well in the future. The Toronto Blue Jays are the next worse team. The Blue Jays do not have the talent, the management, or the heart to win enough games to matter. Even though they have some solid players, they just do not have “IT”.

Now we have the heart of the division. The top 3 teams are the Rays, RedSox, and Yankees and pretty much in that order. The Yankees have too many injuries and not enough pitching. It is a shame because they have a team that could win some games and cause havoc in the American League. Most likely in 2020 will be the Yankees year. The Rays is a nice young team with a bit of stud pitching. I am still annoyed that the Rays sold their team off last year for no good reason but the players they did get are helping this team this year. The Rays are going to finish near the top of the AL East, it is just a simple truth.

Even with the RedSox start of the season, they are going to win the AL East, it will not be a runaway. They will squeak in by the hair on their chinny chin, chin. The RedSox have the stud pitching and the stud hitting to win the games at the end of the season.

RedSox start of the Season disaster.

The only sports media person who got this part of the story right was Tony Massarotti of 98.5 the sports hub. The RedSox Players and Managers got themselves piss drunk on last years World Series Victory and they wasted an entire Spring Training.  The players and Management from the RedSox should be ashamed of themselves. This was team misconduct of the highest order. This misconduct should have gotten people fired because the Spring Training ended up taking place in MLB Games that mattered and that is totally and utterly unacceptable for a professional baseball franchise.

If the RedSox do not make the playoffs this will be the reason why and they will only have themselves to blame.

RedSox Player Signings in 2019

Dave Dombrowski takes a lot of shit in Boston. I am not going to tell you he is the best GM in Baseball. What I am going to tell you is that he is getting the job done and he is doing it well as it regards the player signings this year. The signing of Xander Bogaerts, Chris Sale, and Nathan Eovaldi was and is the correct decision for the RedSox.

Eovaldi proved he was a Stud Pitcher in the Playoffs and that is why he had to be signed. With Eovaldi, the RedSox never would have won the World Series last year. Playoff Stud Players are rare, when you find them, you sign them. This was a no brain decision. Now, if this player breaks down because of injury, that is the breaks. It does not make this signing a bad decision.

Chris Sale is very similar to Eovaldi. The only difference is that Chris Sale is an Elite Pitcher and his signing required no thinking whatsoever. He may fall apart from injury and that is something you simply cannot control. The injury side of a pitcher is totally and utterly unpredictable. It is a risk but it is a good risk, especially if the player can pry his own head out of his own ass and start playing like the Elite Pitcher that he is.

Xander Bogaerts will be a solid shortstop for years. I am not going to tell you that he is going to be a Hall of Fame players but he is going to be a solid performer. This was a smart decision by Dombrowski, by locking up a young player for a boatload of years for short money.

RedSox Players To Trade At The Deadline

Personally, it is time to move on from Jackie Bradley Jr and Mookie Betts. I like both players but one player simply cannot hit the baseball and the other player thinks he is Babe Ruth who cannot hit a baseball in the playoffs. Both of these players in one package and get some quality starters for the field or pitching for a late playoff run.

I do not believe Mookie Betts will be worth the money to resign. I view him like Jacoby Ellsbury, a player that will sign a HUGE CONTRACT that will not deliver for that team. Moving Mookie Betts is an easy decision and you can get value for it.

I would keep JD Martinez for the playoff run in 2019. If he can be signed for DH money, I would resign him, even if you overpay a little bit. He can still hit a baseball and can hit that baseball in the Playoffs. If he wants Megabucks in 2020, you let him go and say thank you for playing for the RedSox.

RedSox in the now

This team defensively blows and that I blame on the coaching staff. The Coaching Staff has been a disappointment this year and they are not even close to getting all of the blame that they deserve. I know you cannot fire Alex Cora but some of the coaches on his staff need to get fired and a message has to be sent that incompetence will not be tolerated. The RedSox organization needs to sit down and have a meeting and lay down the law. New Coaches need to be brought in and Alex Cora needs to be babysat.

It is nice to see the young players playing well but the older players have not made it happen yet this season. I view it as a focus issue. I believe that all of the RedSox players other than Jackie Bradley Jr will get their act together once they have actually focused on playing baseball in 2019.





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