Social Media, Daily Fantasy Sports, And How To Navigate In The Ether.

Hello Fantasy Sport Peeps,

I have noticed a few folks within the DFS Community discussing issues with some Social Media Companies. It does not matter if you are trying to sell lines or get paid for software, advice, or commentary.

The one thing I want to make clear for all of you to understand, this behavior as it concerns Social Media Companies is NORMAL. It does not matter how big or how small you are. It does not matter if you cannot figure out why a Social Media Company would cripple you when you have thousands or even millions of subscribers or views.

You are not the target audience that Youtube and other Social Media Companies want. You do not aid in the politics of the day, that they are pushing. They also cannot make money off of you because you do not have ads in your videos. Now if you add advertising into your videos and maybe say a bunch of good things about Hillary Clinton and the Democrats to be, you may have a different experience.

Now, I run a number of websites. I have done so for about a decade if not more. I have seen everything. I have had Corporations, Governments and Private Entities try to hack and bring down sites and servers. I am not exaggerating, if anything, I am underplaying the issue. I have seen Social Media Companies bring down groups and individuals who were making those Social Media Companies Money. I want you to think about that for a moment. They shut down these groups and individuals who they ran ads on and was making money on and the Social Media Company shut them down anyways.

It is not about money alone for these Social Media Companies. It is about pushing a narrative. I am going to list some videos and some Youtube channels from other sources that discuss this same issue.

Press For Truth

The Dollar Vigilante

Tim Pool

We Are Change

What Can You Do Running Your DFS Operation

The first thing I want to get into your brain, it is not if Youtube will shut you down, it is when. Do not think you are too small or too big, Youtube is going to violate you, it is simply when it happens not if it will happen.

Do you think Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports went to FoxNews for shits and giggles:

You need to prepare. If you have your own site, you need to create a backup site with a different hosting company or different Social Media Company. If you have a Youtube channel, you need to create another channel on a different video uploading service. Below are some free options for you to consider.





For the major Social Media Companies, the most DFS friendly is Twitter. Most, if not all of you DFS people have Twitter already and it is most likely the number one tool that you want to use. Twitter does discriminate and have the same issues as Facebook and Youtube but they seem to have a hands-off approach on DFS.

So stay smart, be prepared, and enjoy yourself. Continue to stay positive and continue to support our great DFS Community.


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