The Boston Celtics Mess

Hello Celtic Peeps,

The season has long ended for you and you are watching the Toronto Raptors taking the Golden State Warriors to the woodshed and wondering why it was not the Celtics putting the whopping on that Golden State Warrior team. What has been learned from this disaster is that Danny Ainge did not make the right decision and did not get Kawhi Leonard from the San Antonio Spurs.

The other thing you can put together is that the role players of the Celtics failed in Epic Fashion. Jaylen Brown, Terry Rozier, and Jayson Tatum sucked this year. These three players rocked the playoffs last year and this year they could not pry their collective heads out of their asses. The other thing I would point out is that Jayson Tatum last offseason was working out with the Philly Players and believe me it shows. He has their same suck ass attitude as those 76er players. If Jayson Tatum cannot develop, he needs to be moved and to be honest he should have been shipped to San Antonio last year for Kawhi.

What did not help was that Gordon Hayward was not up to par. I do not blame the player thou. Gordon Hayward had a really bad injury and Celtics Management failed in managing that injury. It was far too important to show that Gordon Hayward could play this year, instead of making sure that the player could actually play to his full potential. So Gordon Hayward received way too much playing time when he should have been in the background until he could be at full strength. It was bad management of a player, plain and simple.

Al Horford is an average player. He has moments that he shines but at the end of the day, he is basic and utterly average. On this, I do not blame the player, the player has been this exact player for years. He is not a top player in the NBA and the Celtics need a true Center and an All-Star Center at that.

The truth about Kyrie Irving is that he is a 1b player. Which means he needs another All-Star player with him to make him actually shine. With the Celtics this year, he did not have that extra gear and be that Elite Player. He is still a top 5 Point Guard in the NBA but he does not have the ability to lead a team on his own. This was probably the biggest failure that Celtics Management made.

Brad Stevens easily had his worst year coaching this Celtics Team. Let’s be honest, Nick Nurse of the Toronto Raptors figured out the Milwaukee Bucks. Nick Nurse and not Brad Stevens. 

Wyc Grousbeck, managing partner of the Boston Celtics had some things to say on his team. The interview was from 98.5 the sports hub’s Felger and Mazz Show:

Sadly, with the injury to Kevin Durant last night. The Big Two players of Durant and Irving going to one team is D E A D in the water. What Celtics management has to figure out is do they want Kyrie Irving to be the star player on their team. From the video above, I do not believe that the answer is yes. Now, Wyc Grousbeck did not come out and say it either but it seems implied to me. So the first thing that Celtics Management has to do is make a decision.

I believe that Kyrie Irving wants the cold hard cash and the Celtics can give him the most. It really is that simple. If Celtics management cannot or will not move, Jaylen Brown, Terry Rozier, Jayson Tatum, and Al Horford, then they should move on from Kyrie Irving.  You have to build around Kyrie or build a new base without Kyrie, you have no other options because this Celtics Team last year sucked. If you put these same grouping of players together again and you bring in another star these same grouping of players with the new star are still going to suck. 

It is a hard call and it will not be a pleasant experience for anyone who loves the Boston Celtics next season is drastic changes are not made.

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