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Welcome to the NFL Season Peeps,

First thing I am going to touch on is the New England Patriots picking up Antonio Brown. It is a great move for the franchise. It is a One year rental for decent money. It will give Tom Brady a valid deep weapon, it will be the closest thing to Randy Moss he has seen in many, many years.

Let’s be honest, Antonio Brown could still be a fucktard with the Patriots but it is unlikely. This is money-making time for this player. Plus, this is just a one year deal. He will want more money next year, especially if he explodes regarding stat’s with Tom Brady as the QB. The Raiders and Gruden got played and most likely they got played by the New England Patriots. It is sad, but when you are a bad franchise, simply there is nothing you can do about it.

This move puts the Patriots back as the #1 contender to win the AFC this year. I still think Kansas City is the team to beat but Tom Brady now has a lethal grouping of Wideouts that would scare any Defense in the NFL. The Patriots are playing chess, while everyone else is playing checkers.

Now for DFS for this week.

I would focus on the Redskins for QB and Wideouts. The stack saves you big dollars and the Eagles look like they are going to suck in the early part of the season. The Eagles do not have a good Defense and the QB for the team has not thrown a football that matters in close to a year. This cheap stack gives you the opportunity to go after every other high priced player at the remaining skill positions, with an endless amount of room to still have a top Defense. You should have no problem rostering 3 top tier running backs.


You need to focus on Teams who are playing Teams who have rested their starting Offense this preseason. This is the main thing that the Bears / Packers game should have screamed out to everyone. It is a simple strategy and it should put some dollars in your pocket if you are smart about it.

Go Forward This NFL Season.

I am going to have a mix of Commentary, DFS, and Handicapping every single week. I am still unsure how that content is going to be provided. Whether it will be paid content or free. Most likely it will be free because I still have not found the right way to monetize this kind of content, so it works easier for me to provide. I prefer the cheap crypto-currency approach but the systems to provide that simply do not work well enough for my needs.

Have a great NFL Week One Peeps.  


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