Patriots Crush The Steelers

Let’s be honest Patriot Peeps, Tonight was a good night.

It was awesome to see the Pittsburgh Steelers struggle to move a football the entire game. Not to mention the futility of the Steelers Defense in actually stopping the Patriots Offense. This game was more about how the Steelers failed throughout the entire game, than how the Patriots played.

As far as the gameplay, the Offense was on fire passing the football and that was the main reason why the Rushing Game really never took off. You also have to love how the Offensive line kept Tom Brady safe throughout the game. Obviously, the stars of the game was the Defense, who stalled the Steelers throughout the game. If you are handing out a game ball, it goes to the Defense.

It was a solid performance for the entire team. Enjoy the winning Patriot Peeps, it is going to be a season of winning every single week because the rest of the AFC East looks bad, I am not talking 8 – 8 bad, it is looking 4 -12 or 5 – 11 bad for the rest of the AFC East teams. Miami Dolphins may not win a game at all this year if the Baltimore Game is the norm and not an abberation.

Onto Miami with Antonio Brown and the wins, baby.

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